Wink's Wish

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Wink wishes mostly for treats and squeaky toys, 
but my wish for this brave dog is simply to breathe like a normal dog.

At about four months of age, Wink suffered a severe blow to the face and was left at the Mobile, Alabama, county animal shelter to be euthanized. Jacki Armstrong of Noah’s Animal Refuge Centre in Wilmer saved Wink’s life. With a small budget and a huge heart, Noah's Refuge financed a two-month vet stay that included the removal of his left eye. 

Following his long vet stay, Wink joined the other orphan animals at Noah's Refuge. His breathing difficulties persisted due to a crushed sinus cavity. At the refuge, he breathed through his mouth and slept restlessly, waking often to clear his throat of nagging mucus that also drained from his nose. Wink put on a happy face, but he was clearly uncomfortable. 

My connection with Wink began late one night from my home in Mississippi while searching for a second dog. There he was ... his adorable, proud picture nestled between hundreds of adoptable dogs. It was love at first sight. At that moment, I fully committed myself to Wink's recovery and to giving him a forever home with my family. 

Knowing that reconstructive surgeries would be very expensive, I started the "Wink's Wish" project to share Wink's story and invite others to help. I'm deeply grateful to our friends who have made Wink's journey possible by contributing to his care, adopting a plush puppy, ordering a custom pet portrait, buying a cookie or two at a bake sale, volunteering time, and offering encouraging words and prayers.

Since adopting Wink in 2015, he has undergone multiple nasal reconstruction surgeries at Texas A&M University. The "not so good news" is that the nature of Wink's condition will require expensive ongoing treatment. The good news is that Wink is happy, and he can breathe like a normal dog! 

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them. I’m so glad Wink found us.

Kim Smith & Family

Updated September 2019